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derek hale meme | wildcard : derek being selfless

YEAY I HAVE REPLIES!! Unfortunately I have a jam-packed day >.< I work until 7 and come home to change to hit Toby Keith’s to see my dad’s band play assuming I’m able to walk. So I probably wont be home until late-ish. Then Easterrrrr which I should actually have time to get on. Family only goes to church and goes their little celebration thing and the rest of the day is mine so I will see you all on Sunday <3


derek hale + first and last look of the seasons


I’ve sure A LOT of people on Tumblr uses the lovely Screencapped.net site for various things. 

Currently they’re being hit with a DMCA Claim thanks to HBO. And even though it’s just for 2 shows, the DMCA is trying to close all their galleries.

So, please take a moment out to sign their petition to HBO, trying to get them to drop the DMCA.

It can be found here





I seriously need to start up more threads. I legit lurk here all day and the new rp. At least there threads aren’t hard to come by… I miss being active here >.<

Derek Hale caring for Others Part 2/?