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"I know what I'm risking. My life for theirs."
Beacon Hills is my home and has been for as long as I can remember. Before you think about coming here, know that I protect what's mine. My pack. My town. My family. Unless you wish to chop down your life expectancy, I'd be careful what and who you mess with. Touch what is mine and I'll rip your throat out. With my teeth.
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Just wanted to say…. Malia’s name on that list was Malia Hale. Which means the person would have to know she was a Hale. Also Peter’s name wasn’t on it. RED FLAG. Who knows she’s a hale besides Stiles, Lydia and Scott.

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Why is this kid on Wolf Watch if he doesn’t watch the show…..?

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"They’re transformers!" Oh my god Melissa you just got so excited over sunglasses hahaha

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I know. I’m waiting for the hate. Somebody needs to remind her that he’s a baby, even though he doesn’t look like it.

The fandom needs to chill the fuck out. It’s not like she’s groping him. I mean I would and I talk about his sexy-ness on the daily but I don’t get hate for it. smh guys… smh.

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OOP! Fandom, Jill just spoke about Dylan being attractive. Sound off the alarms and send her hate. She clearly crossed a line.

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Jill. Your boobs…. yes.

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K so Jill and Ian have clearly done the dirty…. also… Jill has this permanent sex voice and it gives me chills. Like… unfff

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Derek dies and I stop watching.

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