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Anyone else see Stefan’s badass punch as he was mid-air? Fucking yes.

Enzo crying it actually the most painful thing ever….

Till the melodies of childish days, are upon, upon me
And they take me back, back down the river
They keep leading me on, they lead me to the sea
And all of my manhood is cast
Down in the flood of remembrance, and I weep like a child for the past.

Watching last weeks tvd… I’m crying… whyyyyy. I love this episode so much but it hurts. Props to Paul for directing it. I know he wants to see Stefan human at the end of the season… i hope he gets it… Stefan deserves happiness.

I apologize for the massive amount of smut on my blog. Haven’t rp’d it in a while and the plot was too good to pass up. As soon as I have muse for everything else, I’m all yours.

Though I do start my new job tomorrow I doubt i’ll be there all day. I just have a meeting at 9 and then paperwork to fill out after.

smell of wine & cheap perfume || delicity


She loved how responsive he was, from the way he tilted his head to give her room to kiss along his neck to how he thrusted into her hand, his cock twitching in her hand as she stroked him.  A choked cry was pulled from her as his mouth covered her breast, her back arching to send her chest closer to him.  At the single word, she went to grab one, only faltering when he sucked hard on her nipple, eliciting a gasp.  ”Bedside table,” she muttered, reluctantly pushing him away to reach in and grab one, ripping the foil with her teeth and tossing it aside before reaching down and easing the sheath onto his cock.  Everything had built up to this moment, and she had never wanted anyone more than she did right then.

His mouth popped when she pushed him off, a smirk taking over as she reached for the condom. Watching her use her teeth to rip the packet open only caused farther desire to course through him, letting her roll it over his cock. “Fuck, Felicity.” He hissed, reaching back up to nip along her neck, paying extra attention to the bruise he saw appearing on her neck from earlier in the night. Derek reached between them setting himself at her entrance and quickly reached up, capturing her lips and thrusting inside her dripping core all at once. An instant bolt of electricity shot through him, the her tight sex wrapping around him and causing the most delicious feeling he had ever experienced before.

Taking a shower when someone is doing laundry in your house is like playing tag with Satan… loser gets scorched with fire water directly from the pits of hell.